Unbelievable: The Current Bum makes it onto BBC Breakfast

Only one week into our proud association with Britain’s most fearless Parish Magazine and it seems the main story has even caught the eye of the lying mainstream media. This barely altered image from yesterday’s BBC Breakfast broadcast features regular host Portia Mouthpiece being entertained with this month’s issue of The Current Bum by some twat she met in a bar the night before and can’t seem to get rid of. Don’t forget, you can see the front page of…

"Unbelievable: The Current Bum makes it onto BBC Breakfast"

The Current Bum Issue 01: Bumley Independence Bid launched

Thanks to an exclusive arrangement with Pews International we are delighted to have secured the digital publishing rights to Britain’s most influential Parish Magazine. Sadly, the fee for these rights is so exorbitant that we are, at present, only able to share the front page.  We hope Reverend Murdoch will consider reducing the per-page rate at some time in the future so we can share more of this great content that has previously only been…

"The Current Bum Issue 01: Bumley Independence Bid launched"

Ex-Seuss-ive? Sam-I-Am slams Muslim ban

Green Eggs and Ham was one of our favourite childhood books.  Turns out it was a lot more prescient than we remembered.  And preachy. Turns out that Dr Seuss did not like the Muslim ban and he did not like the orange man. Which is (almost) a shame, because we think this is probably just about the fascist tangerine’s reading age and emotional maturity level.  

"Ex-Seuss-ive? Sam-I-Am slams Muslim ban"

Inauguration Day ….

NotGames marks US Presidential Inauguration in typically British Style As the UK’s leading Satirical Gaming company, we at NotGames felt it would be remiss of us not to mark the official start of Trumpageddon. The problem we have is that the world has become a satire of itself, and every stupid satirical idea we might have, like, for example, Trump appoints a Climate Change denier as head of the EPA, or Trump appoints a creationist…

"Inauguration Day …."