Inauguration Day ….


NotGames marks US Presidential Inauguration in typically British Style

As the UK’s leading Satirical Gaming company, we at NotGames felt it would be remiss of us not to mark the official start of Trumpageddon.

The problem we have is that the world has become a satire of itself, and every stupid satirical idea we might have, like, for example, Trump appoints a Climate Change denier as head of the EPA, or Trump appoints a creationist as head of education, seem to have actually happened in real life.

And then we remembered that more than 400 years ago a bloke with a quill summed the whole thing up better than we ever could. Hence, this video.


Those of a curious nature may be interested to know we changed only two words (although, admittedly, we changed one of them twice).

All we need now is for Mike Pence to appoint Yorrick’s skull as his chief advisor and Melania to chuck loads of flowers around and dive into the White House Swimming Pool – it’s down in the bunker somewhere, we reckon, next to the newly installed solid gold mini-bar – and we’ll have a Tragedie on our hands…

Hamlet lasts four hours, if taken at a good speed. Trump has four years. Maybe now it’s America that “hangs, beetle-brow’d over the sea”. Or maybe “the rest is silence”.

Although that’s not likely given the existence of Twitter.