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NotCoD Dev Blog 02: The Artist’s Lament


Thursday AM

After my morning routine of opening my email inbox (empty), perusing the new Steam forum posts (mostly hatred) and making tea (white with no sugar), I’m ready to start my formidable jobs list. We’ve got a play test on Friday and my list of fixes from the last test is scarily long.

On the agenda today is drawing EVERY character a falling animation frame. As the sole artist on Episode 1, everything you see in the game has to be lovingly hand-drawn and edited by me. I can’t draw.

fete_scoutmixed_fall fair_granny9



A parcel has arrived for ‘Miss Gayson Upbum’. Jason’s opened it. Must be for him.



I’m trying to get the PC connected to the TV to show the rough cut of the NotCoD trailer that our videographer Mike has sent through. The machine is so slow that it won’t even register my mouse clicks. We desperately need some working equipment around here.



We’ve finished our meeting about the trailer. (That damn machine still isn’t responding, we had to use Jay’s.) We’ve sent our notes back to Mike, it’s shaping up to be rather fantastic.


Our level designer Nick’s just turned up. I’d fire him but a) this is the first time he’s ever been late and b) he phoned in sick this morning and I told him to stay at home. So either he desperately wants to work or is bent on our destruction by way of bacterial infection.



Turns out the package was from Emma. We should send more things to Miss Gayson Upbum.


NotCoD Logo15:57

I’ve sent a load of artwork to Mike to use in the trailer and finished animating 4 characters. I told you I can’t draw.


Kate’s been in her PJs all day. This shows the attitude that our staff have towards the workplace. I’d fire her but a)  we kind of need her and b) today’s her last day anyway.



Found another character I’d missed off my jobs list. Son of a bitch. Damn you you ghost bastard.Ghost in question


Jay’s on the phone again. Clearly in violation of my ‘Don’t Do Anything Except Work’ Directive. It was this sort of flagrant disregard for my management decisions that lead to the creation of the Daily Dash. (Once a day I shout ‘Daily Dash’ and lob something off my desk at Kate).


I would fire Jay but a) he’s the only one who knows how to code and b) he lives here.


Some may call my willingness, perhaps even eagerness, to sack my colleagues callous or unnecessary. I feel it’s important if you have any sort of small power, to hold it over people’s heads at all times like the sword of Damocles. Keeps them motivated.



Kate’s on the phone now. Are these people taking the piss?



Jason’s made the nuns fall out of the church windows. Context is important here.



Bam. That is the onomatopoeic sound of a day’s job list being completed. With the elated feeling of being ahead and of spelling the word ‘onomatopoeic’ with only one error, I’m going to get cracking on stuff I thought I wouldn’t be doing til tomorrow.


Calling it a day. Jay will probably work through the night. I imagine he doesn’t have anything better to do.

Bring on the play test tomorrow!


imp fall fete_punter2_9trench_grunt fall fete_punter1_9 nun fall