Praise for NotGTAV:

“Definitely one of the most British games I’ve ever played” – Jim Sterling

“…the kind of blunt satire of which even South Park might think better.” – Wired


NotCoD™ is a five part episodic parody of the Call of Duty series. An action-packed side-scrolling run’n’gun that’s definitely not for children. A quintessentially British savaging of war, the media and the Catholic Church with Splitscreen Zombies included as standard, because we’re nice that way.


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Episode One: Call of Judy

War. War is Hell. A special Hell. A special warry death hell.

You are Private Suds Sudzington Jr and you find yourself dropped arse-firstwards into this Hell. Warry warry death Hell. Behind enemy lines. Fighting to survive. A war.

From the team behind NotGTAV, comes a delightfully British romp through the quaint village of St. Bumley on the Taint.

Lovingly cartooned, poorly voiced and funnier than Donald Trump’s foreign policy.



  • Hilariously Irreverent Campaign
  • Splitscreen Zombie Survival
  • Collectible Intel
  • Trading Cards
  • Full Controller Support

Coming Soon:

  • Co-op Campaign
  • Steam Stats and Leaderboards
  • Multilanguage Support

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