Brand yourself. It’s the modern way.

Here’s some stuff you can use to NotGTAV your phone, desktop, tablet, mansion, squat, or relatives.

These are phone wallpapers and ringtones that will make your friends go “What the f**k have you done to your phone, Brian?”.  People not called Brian will gain similar, but not identical, airs of mystery.

Hold-Screen-Darren-01-300x225Hold Screen David 01


Kenneth Ringtones

Darren Ringtones

Daffyd Ringtone

David Ringtone


iPhone Wallpapers

These are higher resolution wallpapers in case you want to advertise us on your PC so your co-workers, flat-mates, and arresting officers, can see how ahead of the zeitgeist you are:

darren wallpaper1920x1080

david wallpaper1920x1080

NotGames Wallpapers

NotGTAV Wallpapers

Darren Wallpapers

David Wallpapers


These are avatars you can use online so you can pretend you make games with us and we’re all mates and all go out together to drink, set off flares, and hunt the homeless.

Daffyd AvatarDavid AvatarDaffyd Avatar

Darren Avatar

David Avatar

Please let us know if you can think of some other free s**t you would like us to make available here that won’t take us forever to make and would brighten up those miserable days in that soul ravaging job wondering when Gary from Marketing is going to notice your new shoes.  Which he isn’t.  Gary from Marketing doesn’t care about your shoes.  He’s too busy worrying about what happened to his dreams of writing movies.


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