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NotGames’ sister company, NotMusic, was founded in 1927 by our grandfather, Spencer NotGames IV, who was exiled from the family for the simple offence of simply not being funny (plus there was the unfortunate Hooker-Gate scandal.)

In 1948, NotMusic pioneered the genre Euro Pop Whinge, and launched its flagship annual convention a few years later. In 1956, ┬áthis was re-branded as the ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ and still runs to this day. NotMusic later went on to spawn Simon Cowell from an ostrich cell and a piece of gammon.

Failed projects include writing Rebecca Black’s less successful debut single, ‘Thursday’ – featuring the lyric ‘Thursday, Thursday, gotta stay in and do my homework on Thursday’ – and Gotye’s unreleased single ‘Somebody That I’d Still Consider A Pretty Good Friend (No Hard Feelings Here.)’

It came to our attention in 2015 that our shamed grandfather, Spencer NotGames IV, had passed away but generously, letting bygones be bygones, left us something in his will. It turns out that after being exiled, he’d moved to Belarus, and invented time travel. He discovered that in 2030 we release a killer album that goes triple platinum and makes Kanye pack it in. He’s kindly shoved the tracks back through a temporal rift to us so that we can release it 15 years early.

In the tradition of Monty Python and The Goons, we’re releasing a full comedy album, with the tracks from the game you’ve been asking for – and then some. Tracks include:
Five More Years (Of Rogering The Poor) – David Cameron and the Bullingdon Big Band Experience
Kenneth’s Country Garden – Kenneth
and of course…
Jacket Potato (DJ Spud-U-Love Remix) – Gazza the Rapping Skateboarder

For a taste of things to come, watch the FULL Jacket Potato remix



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