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About Our Chosen Charity.

webreadyBIPGrace1Peer Productions runs outreach projects for vulnerable young people using their true stories to create plays and films on hard-hitting social issues such as teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse and addictions.

These educational shows and films are then delivered to schools by young apprentices who are gaining experience to get into drama school or other higher education. More than 70% of their apprentices are accepted to their school of choice after leaving the charity.

WebreadyORPoliceIn the last year alone their small, dedicated and extremely hardworking team has performed to over 17,000 young people, and over the eight years they have been established, have reached over 70,000.

Everyone involved in making the game has had their lives positively affected by Peer Productions. Like 11% of his peers Denis had dropped out of school and college when he came to Peer Productions in 2007. The charity was his route back into education and gave him the skills and self confidence he needed to turn his life around. When Denis graduated the program in 2008 he said:

WebreadyJazzClubFilmingBefore Peer Productions I felt completely abandoned by the school system, Peer gave me focus, a chance to learn skills and a determination to achieve my goals. I now have a belief in my own abilities and can’t wait to take my next step! Thank you Peer! “

Denis is now a fully qualified youth worker and teaches film at Peer Productions, he is head of security at Mercedes Benz World and a managing partner at the NotGames company. He attributes his success to the time he spent with Peer Productions.

webready-homophobia-photo-bulliesDenis is just one life that the Peer Productions training programme has transformed. Every member of the NotGames team has a similar story to tell and we feel passionately that this amazing work must continue.

However, as a young people’s charity, Peer Productions is always in need of financial support.


We have created this game not just to raise funds but to showcase the creative and innovative work of just some of Peer Productions young graduates.

We and thousands of young people thank you for your support. Every donation will make a difference. If you feel, like we do, that Peer Productions work deserves a small donation, buy NotGTAV, or donate directly to Peer Productions.

Thank you.

The NotGames Team.


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