The Current Bum Issue 02: Fighting Talk


As part of our exclusive and budget-bustingly expensive deal with Reverend Murdoch, Vicar of St Bumley on the taint, we are very proud to once again be the sole digital provider of the parish’s controversial magazine.

Sadly we can still currently only afford the rights to show the front page, but we’re hoping, as time moves on, to be able to show you one or more of the inside pages from this campaigning periodical. ¬†Especially the sports pages, which feature the type of wonderful poetic writing that would make Phillip Larkin hang up his withered pencil in shame.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the April edition, released in the parish just last Friday and already responsible for the assault of Mr and Mrs Garcia, who ran what used to be the tapas bar in Bumley High Street and is now a burned out husk with racist graffiti on its one remaining wall.

We wish them well with their recovery.