Only one week into our proud association with Britain’s most fearless Parish Magazine and it seems the main story has even caught the eye of the lying mainstream media.

This barely altered image from yesterday’s BBC Breakfast broadcast features regular host Portia Mouthpiece being entertained with this month’s issue of The Current Bum by some twat she met in a bar the night before and can’t seem to get rid of.

Don’t forget, you can see the front page of The Current Bum right here thanks to our exclusive digital contract with proprietor Reverend Murdoch, spiritual leader of the parish of St Bumley on the Taint.

When questioned about the BBC mention, Reverend Murdoch said “Who cares?  No c**t watches that sh*t anyway.” and went on to point out that The Current Bum has way more topless ladies in it and a far more erudite sports section.

Finally, in a moderately exciting announcement today, we can also confirm that very soon we will be offering a digital subscription to the front page of The Current Bum, meaning you will be able receive it as an e-mail before anyone else gets to see it.  Except, of course, the other people on the e-mail list.  They will receive it at approximately the same time as you.