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NotGames don’t understand why Video Games have got away unscathed for so long when Movies and TV Shows are regularly savaged by the likes of French and Saunders, The Comic Strip, and, in the USA, Saturday Night Live and Robot Chicken.


NotGames make games set in the UK. Because that’s where we live and we can just about do the accents (poorly).

NotGames hand-draw their art assets and make every sound in their games with the human voice. All the music is written, arranged, and sung in-house, and the animal impressions suggest none of us have ever been near a real farm. Or even owned a pet.

NotGames want to offer you a fair deal. There’s no micro-payments or expansion packs that should have been bits of the game in the first place. You pay once at a fair price. You play the game. It makes you laugh. You get addicted. Soon your friends don’t see as much of you. And when they do you have a far away look in your eyes. Eventually you’re found starved to death in front of your computer, the mouse in your dry cramped hands, with one of our games still running in the background like a virtual smoking gun. Then your relatives get together and try to sue us into the ground. Of course, it’s too late by then ‘cos we gave all your money to charity, so your family goes bankrupt trying to pay the court costs and is left destitute and miserable.


Now that’s what I call a fair deal.

NotGames want your help. If you like what we do, please donate to our charity, or help spread the word about this game … when enough good people do a good thing at the same time, the effects are life changing.


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