“Repeatedly smash David Cameron into a wall… the most satisfying game mechanic ever created” – PCGamerN


Presenting for your delectation and amusement…
NotGTAV – An affectionate parody set in England’s green and pleasant lands, Like Swindon.


“It is, essentially, Snake on LSD” – Primordial Porridge.
“a really fun look” – Rock Paper Shotgun.
“the sound is pretty much near perfect” – SnowysGaming
“takes the p*ss out of gaming in a really cool way” – Dream Assembly
“Absolutely Brilliant” – FragRadio.

On PC/Linux

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On Android in…

2 days 19 hours 38 minutes 7 seconds

On Windows Mobile in…

5 days 19 hours 38 minutes 7 seconds

On Mac in hopefully less than…

5 days 19 hours 38 minutes 7 seconds

Update: We’re OUT on iOS!  We’re having a few (non-Apple related) final issues with the Mac Release.  We’re working with YoYo Games (who make our game engine) to resolve them.  More here as we know…



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Is This For Real?

A short informative piece about our charity, Peer Productions, and why we chose it.

Who Made The Game And Why?

What is a NotGame? Why should you care? Well, you probably shouldn’t, but if you do…